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UT Memphis
Transportation Services
Vehicle Order Form


This form must be completed and submitted to the office of Transportation Services prior to vehicle pick-up. Transportation Services is located on the 2nd floor of the Purchasing/Physical Plant Building, 201 East Street. Reservations of vehicles may be made either by submitting this electronic form or calling Transportation Services at 448-5857. Hours are 7:45a.m. - 4:45p.m. Mon - Fri.

Cost Center\WBS Element:      Account Name:      
Approved By:    
Name of Driver:    
Phone Number:       Email:      
Type of Vehicle:           
Purpose of Trip\Destination:    
Approximate Pick-Up:     Estimated Return:    

    In consideration of use of a University of Tennessee vehicle, I acknowledge that:

I have a valid driver's license. I will drive responsibly and courteously at all times. I will comply with all traffic and parking regulations. Violations are the responsibility of the driver. Occupants will wear seatbelts at all times.


I have been informed that the University's liability coverage applies only to vehicles driven by UT employees within the course and scope of their employment and only while on official University business. No personal use is allowed.

3.     I will not allow any person who is not a UT employee to drive a UT vehicle in my possession and control.

I understand that individuals under personal services contracts and students and spouses who are not on the UT payroll are not employees of the University and, therefore, not eligible to operate a UT vehicle.


While using a UT vehicle I am resposible for its condition and will make every reasonable effort to return the vehicle in substantially the same condition as I received it, ordinary wear and tear excepted. I also understand that I or my department may be financially responsible for damages resulting from abusive use of the vehicle in my possession.

I verify the information entered above and agree to the vehicle use terms